What's Paneer?

Paneer is Indian cottage cheese based on authentic recipe. Paneer is one of the few cheeses that are truly Indian. This cheese is perfect for (part-time) vegetarians because it is full of protein and calcium. The texture is almost similar to tofu. Paneer is also a great alternative to meat.

Holy Cow Dairy Paneer

HolyCowDairy provides the best quality paneer in the Netherlands. Our Paneer is made from the best quality fresh milk and is prepared with a traditional Indian recipe. Our paneer is 100% natural; we do not use any preservatives or chemical additives.

Always pure and authentic.
No additivies
No preservatives.
Suitable for vegetarians

About Us

Holy Cow Dairy delivers freshly prepared paneer for everyday use. You can freeze the paneer without it getting watery. The paneer will not crumble when it is included in your dish.

Holy Cow Dairy sells fresh made Paneer. We cooperate with local farmers in and around Almere. All our products are so-called regional products.

Our mission is to make the best Paneer and to deliver the best service to our customers. We are doing this by only using natural ingredients to guarantee the best taste and structure. We sell to both to retail and wholesale customers. Please contact us for any inquiries.

Himanshu and Anita Joshi
Tel: +31 644 26 64 59, +31 612 11 90 54